Marketing Strategy and International marketing

Are you reaching your target market?

Could your sales be greater, nationally and internationally?

Our marketing services will help your organisation  to develop a cohesive marketing strategy to exploit a number of opportunities nationally and internationally.


Marketing in London

We will look at segmentation, branding, and your marketing messages.
Our services will position your image so that you project the one that communicates most effectively with potential customers.
By segmenting your market, we can identify your target markets and
develop methods to differentiate your offers to each targeted segment,
enabling you to market more effectively.

International marketing

Our services will establish your brand by applying the best practice principles of strategic marketing
but also take account of relevant cultural issues.
We will work with you to produce a cost effective sales and marketing campaign
that will improve your sales and medium term brand recognition,
both in the United Kingdom and abroad.
Speak to one of our consultants about our services.

Export Marketing Strategy

If you are a UK based company we will assist you to
access emerging African and Eastern Europe markets.

Corporate real estate and relocation services

Strategic Management And Media Group represents both tenants and landlords and delivers a fully integrated real estate service.
For overseas business tenants, we provide comprehensive site selection services that will meet every requirement.
Whatever the purpose, whether it is a new retail outlet, office, corporate expansion or relocation,
we are able to take you through the whole process from  start to finish, until you are on your feet.
We will help you find the right location and staff. Click the following for more information about our real estate service.
Time is important and the quicker that you can set up the new branch,
the quicker that you will receive a return on your investment, as you access new markets for your goods and services.

Brand management

If you would find it of benefit, you will also have continued access to a full range of business services that will develop, market and manage the long term tangible and intangible characteristics of your brand.

For domestic and international marketing visit: Call To Action Advertising
For everything else use the contact details below

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